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Anesthesia is necessary for animal patients undergoing surgery and other medical procedures such as Advanced diagnostic imaging (CT and MRI). The doctors of the Anesthesia Service at Alphavet veterinary clinic know that each patient is unique. Age, breed, health and personality are all factors that must be evaluated in order to do the best anesthesia possible, and so each patient gets an individualized plan that incorporates both the latest research and our many years of experience.



Monitoring and support are important features of anesthesia too. The Alphavet veterinary clinic uses state-of-the-art equipment to measure heart and lung function, intravenous fluids and maintain normal body temperature using the same equipment that is used for humans during anesthesia. And when a critical patient is in our hands, we assemble a team to provide vital support.



Our anesthesiologists are nationally recognized for their expertise in preventing and treating pain. We combine the most gentle handling, the most expert monitoring, and superlative pain and anxiety control to deliver the best anesthesia care possible for your pet.